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Are You Washed in the Blood - Bright Violin Solo with Piano
Created for a Marine Band soloist with piano
Accompaniments exist for Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, or Strings
Recorded by a high school Freshman in Virginiale
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This is a cheerful, bright arrangement of this well-known gospel song. The interesting recording was played by a 14 year old high school freshman. The original setting was created for Marine Band soloist, Jerry Rodgers, at a music camp for teens held at a summer Bible Conference in New England.

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An accompaniment that matches every solo of this title is being created for full Orchestra or Wind Ensemble, with optional Vocal Ensemble or Choir as more added colors. A String Orchestra or String Ensemble can also be used as accompanimental additions.

A harp part is included with each solo in this arrangement as a way of making the solos more and more unique. Each of these solos was written for friends in the Marine, Air Force, Army, or Navy Bands in Washington to create Concert and ministry settings for their personal use, and for use by some of their students.
There will be an Orchestra or Wind Ensemble accompaniment (505008OR ) and optional Voices, either a full choir or smaller vocal ensemble (or even a solo singer), that can be added to the instrumental parts (505008CH). The addition of a String Orchestra or String Ensemble will also be possible (505008ST).

Solos exist for:   Flute (FL) – Oboe (OB) – Clarinet (CL) – Bass Clarinet (BC) – Baritone (TR) – Bassoon (BN) – Alto Sax (AX) – Baritone Sax (BX) – Tenor Sax (TX) - F Horn (HN) – Oboe (OB) - Bb Trumpet (TP) - Trombone (TR) – Violin (VN) – Viola (VA) – Cello (VC)