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Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing - Brass Trio
For 5 matching settings - Brass, Strings, Woodwinds, Clarinets or Saxophones
Includes 3 sets of Harmonies, 3 Keys, Intro, Modulations, Ending
Part of the "Washington Hymn Trio" Series
Price: $7.49
SKU: 374103

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372103 – String Trio
374103 – Brass Trio
375103 – Clarinet Trio
376103 – Mixed Woodwind Trio
377103 – Saxophone Trio

By going to the page for “More Information” the first page of the score can be reviewed. Click on the page to enlarge the score, and note the variety of parts included in the instrumentation for each trio. The choices will vary from trio to trio. For examples, most String Trios will work with Vln, Vln, and Cello, with Viola replacing Vln 2 or Cello; most Brass Trios work with 2 Bb Trumpets and Trombone, with F Horn replacing Trumpet 2 or Trombone; Clarinet trios work with 2 Bb Clarinets and a Bass Clarinet, with Bassoon in place of the Bass Clarinet; and most Saxophone trios consist of 2 Altos and 1 Tenor Sax. The Woodwinds are the most varied, depending on the ranges of the parts. Part 1 can often be played by Flute or Oboe, part 2 by Oboe or Bb Clarinet, and part 3 by Bass Clarinet or Bassoon. By borrowing parts from the Brass or Sax trios, F Horns or Saxophones could be used with 1 or 2 other Woodwinds. The Trios in this series MATCH each other, so substitutions can be made very freely. Please note the WW trios. Sometimes, a second setting is created in a higher key.

This is part of the “Washington Hymn Trio Series” and will encompass over 100 of the most popular hymn selections in the future.

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These settings have been first created for members of the Marine, Air Force, Army or Navy Bands in Washington. The music is readable at sight and works for professional players, but is not at all difficult for good student players.

These arrangements are being created by Bob Walters, formerly on the arranging staff of the U.S. Air Force Band (Ret).